Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, black markets for negative COVID-19 tests are popping up around the world.

Due to increased restrictions that require people to prove their negative status while traveling to other countries, people have turned to the black market to scoop a negative test.

The price point for the fugazi tests are around $360.

Last week, seven people were arrested for trying to sell the fake tests at Charles de Gaulle International Airport in France.

Brazilian officials arrested four tourists who gave fake tests after they flew into an island chain off the coast of the country that requires travelers to show negative test results.

Authorities tracked down the ring of phony test scammers after a man headed to Ethiopia was popped with a fake test.

A man in England gave up the scoop when he told the local newspaper he was able to travel to Pakistan by using his friend’s negative COVID-19 test.

You can simply get their negative test and change the name and birthdate to your own. You also put a test date on which is within the time limit required.

You download the email, change it, and then print it.

Whew, lawd. 

Source: NY Post