Pamela Long confesses to telling lies

Pamela Long took to the streets of social media to apologize again for telling lies. 

The former Total singer posted a video on her Instagram page on Thursday morning and confessed to telling lies in her 2019 memoir, but she did not specify exactly what she lied about.

While sitting in her car, Pamela shared:

In 2019, I actually wrote a book called, ‘Total Exposure: Pieces of Me,’ and upon me writing the book – the book is about my life and some of the things that I went through.

Regrettably, I want to get up here and I want to say to you that there are some parts of the book that I lied. 

I know that there is nothing I can do to take it back – I can’t go back and re-write what it is that I’ve said, but it’s time for me to forth and speak the truth. 

Especially, because I’m going forward in my life with God. I’m looking to be a better person. I’m not looking to be a liar anymore…to walk in those shoes anymore. 

I’ve known this for a while. I know what I did and I hid it. I knew that it kept coming up. I didn’t want to have to come and confess this.

But, I truly believe that there are some things that have to be openly said because it was openly done. 

So many people read the book. So many people saw me on interviews. I’m expressing the book and all of these things but had no idea that the integrity of the book was lost because of me lying. 

And with that, I apologize to everybody. 

Please forgive me.

See Pam’s original post and watch the video below.

Now, if this feels like deja vu it’s because it kinda is. 

Two years ago, Pamela Long took to social media and confessed that she lied about her ex-husband, Jaime Long aka J. Long, forcing himself on her.

J. Long is currently married to Cyntoia Brown-Long and you may recall Pamela was very vocal about blasting her ex as an alleged no-good, clout-chasing, predator.

On November 11, 2020, Pamela posted a video, very similar to the one she shared on Thursday, and she confessed to lying about her ex-husband assaulting her.

See the original apology below.

Based on the timeline, it appears Pamela Long is apologizing again about the false accusations against J. Long or sis done lied about something else in her book.

Pam, while I respect your determination to come clean…you can end the apology tour now.

You lied and you’re sorry. We get it. 

Let’s start healing and moving forward. Amen.

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