Page Kennedy Shows $39, $49, $59 & $123 Royalty Checks While Speaking On The Writers Strike

Page Kennedy recently expressed his frustration with not being able to do any promo for his role in the movie Meg 2.

The rapper and actor kept it super real about the need for Hollywood to pay actors more by showing how much money he’s paid from his residual checks.

He displayed the following residual checks from the following shows:

  • Justified” (show) – $123.13
  • The Shield” (show) – $39.14
  • Bones” (show) – $49.34
  • Backstrom” (whole series, all the episodes) – $59.91

Page made sure to let people know that those are all network shows.

He said despite the low residual checks, he doesn’t want to stop acting because people need to be entertained, but he just wants to be paid accordingly.

We’re just saying if we are the face of the thing that has gotten everybody so happy and excited about we should be paid accordingly.

When you have Bob Iger (CEO of Disney) out there, you know, making, I don’t know, 75 thousand dollars a day or something, like, you know…

And we are getting residual checks for a whole series for 59 dollars.

What am I supposed to do with that?

Watch the clip of the Page Kennedy interview below:

Page has also been spreading awareness about the writers strike on his Instagram page:

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Source: TMZ

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