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‘P-Valley’ Star Shannon Thornton Reflects On Her Manifested Dreams

Shannon Thornton, who stars as “Miss Mississippi” on the Starz drama, “P-Valley,” took to social media on Thursday to reflect on her manifested dreams.

The 32-year-old actress shared photos of two billboards…one where she was modeling for the popular haircare line Creme of Nature and the other was a billboard for “P-Valley.”

The caption on her post read:

Both of these billboards represent dreams manifested. I remember a girl in middle school laughing at me when I said I’d be a model.

And a high school teacher saying I didn’t have the personality to be an actor. Welp! Clearly neither of them knew what they were talking about!

See Shannon’s original post below:

Congratulations to Shannon Thornton on all of her success.

Y’all better stop letting people talk you out of your dreams!

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