Shannon Thornton as Keyshawn on P-Valley Season 2

We are one episode away from the “P-Valley” Season 2 finale and I’m not ready!

On Sunday night, it was the re-re-re-opening of The Pynk and “Tina Snow” was in the building.

Grammy Award-winning rapper Megan Thee Stallion made a guest appearance on the series and her alter-ego had both of her eyes on Lil Murda.

Uncle Clifford didn’t like dat!

The Pynk may be back in business, but the tomfoolery was heavy in Chucalissa!

Andre decided to take a cheek-clapping approach to his campaign for mayor, but Patrice is never one to be outdone. So, she showed all of the voters that Mercedes gets it from her mama!

Speaking of Mercedes… she received a text from Farrah requesting her presence in Tennessee.

I’m sure Cedes thought Farrah was going to give her the money she’s owed, but it was a gorgeous exhibit dedicated to the Mercedes Experience.

Mercedes was completely blown away and Farrah took it as an opportunity to shoot her shot. Hey, you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take!

It looks like Autumn Night may be having some sleepless nights in the next nine month…

P-Valley” creator, Katori Hall, took to Twitter writing:

Bawse Autumn is walking around like’s she’s large and in charge until she feels a spout of nausea.

After hurling, she gets a cryptic question from Whisper, “You ready for some twins?”

Autumn arrived to the Pynk having lost of child, but could she now be blessed with 2? #PValley

See her original post below.

The good times at the re-opening of The Pynk was short-lived when all hell broke loose in the club.

Keyshawn was caught in the melee – that’s when Diamond swooped in like Kevin Costner in The Bodyguard to rescue her!

Watch a preview of Episode 9 below.

The Pynk Posse is buzzing in the streets of Twitter .

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