[This Post Contains Spoilers] “P-Valley” Episode 8 has the streets of social media buzzing and clutching their pearls.

In the episode, titled “The Death Drop,” Keyshawn links with Autumn Night to take steps toward getting out of her abusive marriage. But, she’s going to need some cash so she heads back to The Pynk for the homecoming no one expected – especially Mercedes and Uncle Clifford.

Uncle Clifford is a pile of nerves as she worries about Ernestine’s health, the future of The Pynk, and Lil Murda’s secrecy isn’t helping.

Speaking of Lil Murda… he laid Big Teak to rest and received some news that he couldn’t allow to go unchecked.

Oh, and Roulette…chile we now have a clear understanding of where her name came from and her relationship with death.

Andre’s secret has come to light and it may put his entire mayoral campaign in jeopardy.

Read 15 totally accurate tweets about “P-Valley” Season 2 Episode 8 below.

What are your thoughts on Episode 8 of “P-Valley?”

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