Oprah Winfrey says her bestie Gayle King is “not doing well” and hasn’t slept in two days in the aftermath of her Kobe Bryant controversy.

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During an appearance on “Today,” Oprah became very emotional as she explained, “She is not doing well because she now has death threats and has to now travel with security. She is feeling very much attacked.”

Oprah went on to add:

She’s not doing well and feels that she was put in a really terrible position. Because that interview had already ran and in the context of the interview, everyone seemed fine, including Lisa Leslie.

Anybody can criticize anything, but the misogynistic vitriol to the point where it is dangerous to be in the streets alone …

Because it’s not just the people who are attacking. It’s the other people who feel like they can take that message and do whatever they want.

Watch the clip below:

While I don’t agree with Gayle King’s decision to question and press Lisa Leslie about Kobe’s rape case, she doesn’t deserve death threats.

If you don’t like what she did…simply stop supporting her. No need to go beyond the call of duty.

Your thoughts?