Comedian and actor Gary Owen took to social media completely blown away by the power of black people when they come together and are unified for a common cause.

He apparently had the epiphany after Kobe Bryant‘s untimely passing when he saw how the black community stood unified against any slander or disrespect of the late NBA legend (and hero to many).

In the video posted on his Instagram page, Gary gushed:

Yo! Has anybody else noticed this past week and a half what’s going on in the world? The shift in the energy. I felt it.

Since Kobe passed away…between Ari Shafirr and Gayle King…I just want people to realize what can happen when black people really come together. 

Because black people were like, ‘Look, you ain’t talking about Kobe. You ain’t talking about our hero!’

Gary went on to add, “Black people are so powerful when they come together.”

Watch the clip below:

While I appreciate Gary taking notice, appreciating the power of the black community, and his words of encouragement – he is married to a black woman and has black children.

He should already KNOW how powerful black folks are and he shouldn’t be shocked by it.

Your thoughts? Here’s mine…