Cardi B Teases Offset's New Video 'Jealousy'

Cardi B and Taraji P. Henson appear in Offset’s new video “Jealousy,” which comes out at midnight (July 28), and fans are running up the comments on Instagram from the teaser.

Cardi B posted a teaser of the video with her talking on the phone with Taraji about a female claiming that Offset is cheating on her.

Taraji provides a sounding board while Cardi goes off about how she’s tired of hearing all the cheating rumors, and even though there are no receipts, people are going to believe it because he cheated before.

She said she wants to smack Offset for putting her in this predicament.

Taraji asks Cardi if she’s going to leave him, and she responds, “I love him, but I’m getting tired of this sh*t.”

Taraji then encourages her to work it out with her man and laugh in the hater’s face.

Before Cardi can fully respond, she is interrupted by Offset knocking on the door.

Watch the “Jealousy” music video teaser below.

I hope y’all caught that throwback to Baby Boy!

Read a few Instagram reactions to the teaser below.

Cardi B comment 1.
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