New York subway driver Terrell Harris was recently fired from his job after he let his untrained girlfriend take control of a D train for several stops in Brooklyn over the weekend.

I’m not sure what made Terrell think this would be a good date night idea.

Reportedly, there are images that show Terrell and his girlfriend, Dominique Belgrave, holding hands over the controls of the subway through the 50th Street, 55th Street, and 62nd Street Stations.

And, of course she documented the experience on her IG Story, which has since been made private.

Yes, this is me operating the train right now.

Conducting The D u hurdddd.

She shared multiple videos on her account.

In one of the videos, Terrell explains that the marker showing where operators must stop is hard to see from the cab, and Dominque agrees and questions the placement of the stickers.

Y’all ain’t put the stickers in a visible place!

Her videos went viral among MTA workers and eventually was seen by a supervisor who reported them to the NYPD.

Terrell Harris was fired, and an investigation is going on to see if any criminal charges are warranted.

See the NBC New York news report below:

According to SeeThroughNY, Terrell earned $117,486 in 2020.

Dominique has been responding to backlash from the incident via her FB page, which is under the name Nicky Kelly.

I didn’t sleep at all I’m outside somewhere I feel really bad and there is NO amount of sorries that can fix things everyone that knows me fr KNOWS I take accountability for my actions but that don’t make it ok for you holier than f**kin thou MTA personnel to sit here try to add me tell me that I’m obsessed with social media but took the time to find me on FB &IG verbally harassed me talk about my looks basically cyber bully me it doesn’t change the fact it happened 2 Days ago nobody died it wasn’t a bumpy ride and nope I’d rather the medical field because y’all are weird anyways leave me alone and like I said before I didn’t post it public it was amongst people I kno and that person showed someone who recorded it and made it public yes a MTA employee what a plot twist if y’all really cared about my friends job so much why would one of his own make it viral I’ll wait yea his IG name Moreno_pesos”

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Source: New York Post

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