Nikki Harbor, the girlfriend of the man who was racially profiled by “Gas Station” Karen, is giving the scoop on what really happened that day.

According to Nikki, “Karen,” whose real name is Erin, was already arguing and fighting with her guy friend when they pulled into the gas station.

Nikki said once Erin finished fighting with her friend she approached them while she was still recording and her boyfriend Isaac was pumping gas.

She said Erin was pointing her finger at Isaac claiming she knows him as a drug dealer.

She even started recording his license plate saying she was going to report him, persisting that he is a “crack” dealer.

Erin’s guy friend eventually calmed her down and apologized for her actions.

Nikki said she felt like Erin racially profiled them, but Erin claimed that they were harassing her.

Watch Nikki’s recap below:

Watch the viral video of “Gas Station” Karen below:

Nikki Harbor says she didn’t report the incident to the police and she hopes Erin gets the help that she needs.

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Source: TMZ