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Katt Williams, Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Wants Katt Williams On The ‘Pink Friday 2 Tour’

Nicki Minaj took to Instagram and expressed interest in having Katt Williams join her Pink Friday 2 Tour.

The Queen of the Barbs went live on the social media platform saying:

I want to know – now, I know this is the busiest man in show business.

I know that he’s rich. He’s the funniest man in show biz.

Can y’all hit up Katt Williams and ask him what would be his price to be a part of the Pink Friday 2 Gag City Tour?

I want to know what would Katt Williams’ price be to be a part of the Pink Friday 2 show. 

When her fans informed her that Katt Williams was currently on his Dark Matters Tour, Nicki clarified that she wouldn’t expect him to be at every show, but she would love for him to join her on his off days for a bag.

Watch the clip below.

Monica Joins The ‘Pink Friday 2 Tour’

Monica via YouTube

Earlier this month, R&B star Monica announced she was joining Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday 2 Tour during an appearance on “The Jennifer Hudson Show.”

Monica talked about her connection to Nicki and expressed her gratitude for not being forgotten.

One thing that no one knows until today is that I’m going on tour – the Pink Friday 2 Tour with Nicki Minaj. 

It’s starting on March 1 and I get a chance to hit all of these cities that mean so much to me.

Atlanta, of course, New Orleans, Nashville…we’re coming to every city we possibly can.

And I’m really grateful for Nicki because she’s one of those people that has always said, ‘Monica meant everything to my childhood.’

Some people – they act like they forget. So, it’s pretty cool not to be forgotten and to be called for things like such.

katt williams

Katt Williams is trending on Twitter as the public reacts to Nicki Minaj’s invitation for the comedian and actor to join her Pink Friday 2 Tour.

Read a few tweets below.


Do you think Katt Williams will entertain Nicki Minaj’s offer to join her Pink Friday 2 Tour?

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