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Singer Monica Shares Her Love For Crawfish (Video)

Singer Monica recently had some fun on the Gram sharing her love for crawfish in New Orleans entrepreneur Supa Cent‘s voice.

Monica was also promoting Skitors Boiling Pots, a pop-up boil business that specializes in New Orleans authentic boiled seafood.

We ain’t sharing crawfish baby???? in @supa_cent voice (literally) LMAO…I learned from the best to eat em” Thank you @skitorsbp be sure everyone in ATL that loves them get at @skitorsbp

Enjoy the video below:

Watch Supa Cent’s original video below:

Monica is clearly a Supa Cent fan.

Raynell Stewart (supa_cent) is a self-made entrepreneur in New Orleans who owns multiple businesses and has a huge social media presence.

She is very entertaining and worthy of a follow.

Personally, I never understood the crawfish craze. I am a huge seafood connoisseur but crawfish don’t do it for me.

A lot of people, including myself, struggled with understanding how to properly eat crawfish.

Watch the video below for a full break down of how to properly eat crawfish from supa_cent:

Are you a crawfish fan?

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