Nick Cannon Responds To Allegations Made By Kel Mitchell's Ex-Wife 2

Nick Cannon took to the streets of social media to respond to messy allegations made by Kel Mitchell’s ex-wife, TyishaHampton.

In case you’ve been doing something constructive with your time and missed it, Tyisha, has seemingly made it her life’s mission to drag and expose her ex-husband every chance she gets.

She’s created a TikTok page filled with allegations against the Good Burger star and her latest “story time” has pulled Nick Cannon into the mix.

Tyisha posted a TikTok video and the caption read:

You can definitely be blinded by love.

The caption continued:

Remembering when I came home early to #NickCannon wearing my full cheerleading uniform (including the briefs) doing cheers on the bed for my ex husband #KelMitchell to cheer him up, because he cheated on me! ?

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As you can imagine, the post quickly went viral and made headlines. 

Folks took to the streets of Twitter to react to the allegations made by Tyisha. 

One person logically tweeted

I hate that Kel’s ex-wife is on TikTok airing out all their business just bc she’s mad at something that happened between them. If you caught him in bed w Nick Cannon BACK THEN and you stayed, you’re the real goofy. 

If you ain’t blast them then, then stfu now too.

But, others came to the party to get their jokes

Nick Cannon isn’t taking the allegations made by Kel Mitchell’s ex-wife seriously at all. 

The founder of the Cannon Community slid into the comment section on Baller Alert’s post and added some more spice to Tyisha’s story. 

Nick commented:

Yep!! Probably had a Big ear of corn, a bunch of orange soda and a couple of kids choice awards up our Ass too! ????

See his original comment below. 

Nick Cannon responds to cheerleading suit allegations made by Kel Mitchell's ex-wife.

Kel Mitchell and Tyisha Hampton were married from 1999 to 2005 and they share two daughters together, Lyric and Allure.

The actor tied the knot with Asia Lee in 2012 and from their union, they have welcomed daughter, Wisdom, and son, Honor.

Kel Mitchell - wife Asia Lee - Wisdom - Honor

Tyisha claims he is a deadbeat father to her daughters amongst her many other allegations against him. 

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