Nicci Gilbert lawsuit P-Valley Season 3

While fans of “P-Valley” rejoiced at the news of a Season 3 renewal, Nicci Gilbert feels like she’s been “punched in the face.”

In January 2022, the Brownstone singer and television producer filed a copyright infringement lawsuit claiming the hit Starz series, “P-Valley,” is an unauthorized knock-off of her original musical stage play “Soul Kittens Cabaret,” which was released on DVD in 2011. 

The suit, filed in the United States District Court on January 12, 2022, lists Lionsgate, Chernin Entertainment, Starz, creator Katori Hall, executive producer Liz Garcia, and co-producer Patrik-Ian-Polk as defendants. 

Nicci Gilbert’s suit states “P-Valley” and her copyrighted stage play are “striking and substantially similar.”

She alleges the show stole the noir look, unique ploy synopsis, set design, risqué performance venue, and unique characters from “Soul Kittens Cabaret.”

According to Starz, the hit series is based on Katori Hall’s stage play “P***y Valley.” 

The network renewed the critically acclaimed and award-winning series two months after the jaw-dropping “P-ValleySeason 2 finale.

Nicci Gilbert took to social media to react to the “P-Valley” Season 3 renewal by sharing that it feels like she’s getting “punched in the face over and over.”

She also shared a video that showed how the stress of the lawsuit has caused a knot on the side of her head.

The physical manifestations are becoming more obvious with each Season I have to endure. I

m not a quitter I will fight toothless from the afterlife if I have to! Prayer Warriors pray this inundation of paperwork & motions ends So I can have my day in court #Fight4WIRF #Pvalley

As a person who created 3 hugely successful shows for networks, that made them millions & millions of dollars …But ended up in court fighting for my IP each time…

I know GOD gave me these battles for something greater than myself ???#Fight4WRF

I tried to shift my focus to music hoping I wouldn’t have to have #PValleyStarz litigation thrown back in my face so soon.

Watching this show season after season feels like I’m being punched in the face over & over & having to pay people make it stop #Fight4WIRF

These people want me to stop talking about this …

But imagine how you would feel…

I’ve been clenching my jaw since 2020 behind this obvious IP infringement JESUS BE A COURT DATE??✨??

See Nicci Gilbert’s original tweets and her video below.

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