Hester Eby in "Files of the Unexplained" (Courtesy of Netflix © 2024)

Netflix has released the official trailer for “Files of the Unexplained,” a chilling investigative docuseries, premiering April 3. 

About ‘Files Of The Unexplained’

Each episode delves into enigmatic tales recounted by firsthand witnesses — ranging from ghostly apparitions observed by plantation guests to a string of drownings in Georgia.

The series examines an alien abduction case in Mississippi, the U.S. government’s scrutiny of over 650 unidentified objects and lights, as well as the perplexing phenomenon of severed feet washing ashore on the West Coast.

Through a blend of news reports, documentation, witness accounts, and expert analysis, each event is meticulously contextualized within the series.

Premiere Date

April 3, 2024

Watch The Trailer

Do you plan to watch “Filed of the Unexplained” when it premieres on Netflix?

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