Jessica Alba as Parker in 'Trigger Warning.' (Credit: Ursula Coyote/Netflix ©2024).
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Netflix just dropped the trailer for its latest pulse-pounding thriller, Trigger Warning, starring the one and only Jessica Alba.

Get ready for a wild ride as Alba, playing Special Forces commando Parker, is yanked from the frontlines overseas and plunged into a deadly mystery back in her hometown. 

So, here’s the scoop: Parker gets the gut-wrenching news that her dad has suddenly died.

And because life loves to throw curveballs, she finds herself inheriting the family bar – cheers to that, right?

But it’s not all pint glasses and peanuts; Parker’s got some serious digging to do to uncover the truth behind her father’s mysterious demise.

Back in her old stomping grounds, Parker reconnects with her ex-flame, now sheriff, Jesse (Mark Webber). But wait, there’s more drama!

Enter Jesse’s hot-headed brother Elvis (Jake Weary) and their power-wielding dad, Senator Swann (played by none other than Anthony Michael Hall).

This trio could turn a family reunion into a soap opera episode any day.

Just when you think things couldn’t get crazier, Parker’s quest for answers hits a major roadblock – a violent gang terrorizing the town.

Yikes! Who’s got time to grieve when there’s a gang to take down? Parker, that’s who.

With trust in short supply, she taps into her commando skills, proving that she’s not just any bar owner but a badass with a mission.

(L-R) Jessica Alba as Parker and Tone Bell as Spider in ‘Trigger Warning.’ (Credit: Ursula Coyote/Netflix ©2024).

To spice things up, Parker teams up with her covert ops buddy and hacker extraordinaire Spider (Tone Bell) and the well-connected local dealer Mike (Gabriel Basso).

Together, they’re a dream team of destruction, ready to take on whatever Swann County throws at them.

Directed by the talented Mouly Surya and penned by John Brancato, Josh Olson, and Halley Gross, Trigger Warning promises a rollercoaster of action, intrigue, and maybe a few bar fights.

Produced by Erica Lee, Basil Iwanyk, and Esther Hornstein, this thriller also boasts an impressive supporting cast, including Kaiwi Lyman and Hari Dhillon.

Watch the trailer!

Mark your calendars, because Trigger Warning is set to explode onto Netflix on June 21, 2024.

Trust us, you don’t want to miss Jessica Alba in her most explosive role yet.

Grab your popcorn, secure your seats, and get ready for a thriller that’ll have you on the edge of your couch!

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