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Netflix has canceled “Selling Tampa” after one season and the cast is blaming racial discrimination for the decision.

The series which premiered in December 2021, was focused on Allure Realty, an all-Black, all-female real estate firm owned by military vet Sharelle Rosada

The cast also included Colony Reeves, Anne-Sophie Petit, Tennille Moore, Karla Giorgo, Rena Frazier, Alexis Williams, and Juawana Colbert.

Watch the trailer below.

Cast member Juawana Colbert feels like the series didn’t receive a renewal because they carried themselves differently. 

When they show us [black women] in a different light — when we’re bickering, fighting and name-calling — they get a Season 2 and Season 3, but that’s not what we were displaying.

I feel like we weren’t given a second chance, possibly because of what we represented as minority women.

This is interesting considering the fact that the ladies did engage in some unsavory behavior on the show to keep things spicy and interesting, I suppose.

Juawana told Page Six that Adam DiVello, the creator of the “Selling” franchise that also includes “Selling Sunset” and “Selling OC,” said that the show was canceled due to the “numbers.”

“Adam specifically said [the decision] was related to numbers but never gave any additional information. I don’t know if he was talking about rating numbers or budget numbers. He just said numbers.”

Selling Tampa” was the no. 1 in the U.S. on Netflix within the first 24 hours of release.

A source close to the situation added that it was also no. 1 in multiple countries and did fairly well. 

“It’s just weird. All of a sudden this all-black cast doesn’t even get a chance for a Season 2?”

You may recall in the teaser for “Selling Tampa,” “Selling Sunset” head honcho Jason Oppenheim is seen standing in front of his predominantly white cast and handing over a set of keys to Sharelle Rosada and her all-black cast. 

Juawana felt like that in itself was setting them up at a disadvantage.

“I think with the all-white cast members of ‘Selling Sunset’ handing off a key to all-women black cast members in Tampa kind of set us up for misrepresentation and comparison and, really, a competition, honestly. I think from the get-go, we were set up a little bit at a disadvantage.”

Then, there was the criticism from DJ Envy, co-host of “The Breakfast Club.”

He took to Instagram and said it was “kind of embarrassing that the ladies “sold no homes” on the show. 

Juawana blamed editing for that perception.

“For whatever reason, they chose to edit it how they wanted to edit it, but we are all active, we are all busy, we all have higher-end homes that have sold, and we have ones that are not higher-end homes that have sold. We are all active agents. When we were filming, there were deals that were done, but that’s now how it was edited.”

I watched the entire season of “Selling Tampa” in just a few days and the show was trending on Twitter

It would be nice if Netflix gave a valid reason or some clarity as to why there won’t be a Season 2.

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Source: Page Six

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