Netflix And The Development Of The Internet Television Network Among Teen

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Netflix has come a long way since its establishment in 1997 as a DVD-by-mail service. It is now an internet television network with over 100 million subscribers in 190 countries.

The company produces its own content, which is mainly geared toward adults, but it also features a large selection of movies and TV shows aimed at teenagers.

This growing platform offers valuable lessons to teenagers about life, love, and the challenges of growing up. 

1. What is Netflix and its history

Netflix is an American Internet television network with over 100 million subscribers in 190 countries. It produces its own content as well as licensing and distributing other media companies’ content through online streaming services to internet-connected devices, including televisions, computers, smartphones and tablets. 

The company was founded on August 29th 1997 by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings in Scotts Valley California under the name Kibble; it had a simple logo that resembled a dog’s chew toy with orange letters spelling out NETFLIX (Ranker). 

2. How Netflix has developed over the years

In 2000, Netflix launched its website which allowed customers to rent DVDs of movies or TV shows. They created their first distribution center in 2002 with more than 600 different titles from studios such as MGM Universal Pictures Paramount Pictures Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox (Ranker). 

In 2007, Netflix launched its streaming service which was originally only available in the United States and Canada. The following year, they introduced a streaming-only subscription plan which allowed instant streaming of television shows and movies on personal computers (Netflix).

3. The impact of Netflix on society, particularly teenagers

Today Netflix is an internet television network that has become one of the most popular platforms. There are a lot of movies about teenagers on Netflix and a lot of movies teach and prepare teenagers for adult life, promote tolerance and motivation. 

For example, Stranger Things (a TV show) shows how important friendships are and how much it means to have people that you can trust. It also shows us that we should never give up no matter what happens, because the truth will always come out in the end. This is important for teenagers because they may face these kinds of situations when growing up as adults so it’s great if they learn from movies like this one.

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4. Some pros and cons of Netflix

Pros of Netflix:

  • There are a lot of movies and TV shows for all ages, including teenagers. 
  • Netflix offers its own content as well as licensing and distributing other media companies’ content. 
  • It is available in 190 countries. 

Cons of Netflix: 

  • Some parents may not want their children watching certain types of movies or TV shows that are available on Netflix. 
  • It is streaming service so it requires internet access which might be expensive for some families. 

5. How to limit your child’s screen time, if needed

If you feel like your child is spending too much time on their phone or watching Netflix, there are a few things that you can do to limit their screen time. 

  • Talk to them about the importance of taking breaks from screens and how it’s important for their eyes and overall health. 
  • Set rules about how long they’re allowed to use screens for each day and enforce them. 
  • Remove all devices from their bedroom so they can’t access them at night. 
  • Install parental controls on devices and Netflix so you have more control over what they’re watching. 

Netflix is a great resource for teenagers but it’s important to remember that like anything else, too much of a good thing can be bad. Make sure you’re monitoring what your child is watching and spending time with them doing other activities such as playing sports or going for walks in nature so they don’t get addicted to Netflix!

Wrapping Up

Netflix is a great resource with many educational programs and movies, so it can help students prepare to adult life. There are a lot of TV shows about friendship and relationships in general which can help teenagers understand those topics better. However, parents might need to monitor their children’s use of Netflix because some content may not be suitable for them and they can easily become addicted.

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