If you thought betting was only an activity for sports fans, think again. Betting on entertainment and celebrity culture is an alternative to betting on football matches. And what sounds like more fun than predicting the course of 

Most people are acquainted with the possibility of betting on sports. Where you place a bet on one or the other teams to win or lose maybe even with a certain number of goals.

Sports matches are not the only thing you can bet on. As well as predicting the winner in a specific match, you can predict the winner of any award show. You can bet on The Grammys, The Oscars, or the Golden Globes. 

The ones mentioned above are naturally some of the more prestigious events and a lot of people follow them from across the globe. Which is why someone in the audience at some point wondered – why don’t we place wagers on these events?

Betting is great entertainment and why not combine it with entertainment culture? Like in sports; you use online betting sites to find different betting lines for betting on celebrities and entertainment events. 


Betting on Award shows

If you are a fan of movies and television, you would probably investigate the possibilities of betting on The Golden Globes, The Academy Awards, or known by most, The Oscars.

If you are more into music, you should look towards a show like the Grammy Awards or The Emmy Awards. In advance, you should check out a full list of nominations for the shows. Then you should find odds and betting lines from where you can place your bets.

This could be who will win the category ‘best-supporting actor’ or ‘best movie soundtrack’. In terms of music, it would be categories such as ‘best album of the year’. All the categories you already know. You can use the odds to place your bets. However, the more likely the bet the less profitable the bet can be. 

Other types of entertainment betting

Even though the different awards shows are the most obvious similarity to sports betting, there are other types of celebrity betting. For instance, you can bet on what will happen in the next season of a favorite show – whether a certain character will survive or whether some couple ends up together or not.

Entertainment betting is very popular on reality tv as it presents an obvious opportunity to bet on who will be eliminated and who will last throughout the season.

Figuring out what might happen is one of the exciting aspects of betting. However, when betting on what might happen in the popular show ‘The Bachelor’, you would have some options to choose from presented by the oddsmakers.

For example, who will receive a rose, and who will not. So, you cannot bet on anything happening.  As you can gather, there is a lot of options to bet on celebrities.

Whether you are mostly into television or music, you will be able to find wagers and betting lines available.