Nelly is debunking rumors that he short-changed a woman who returned $300k to him by only giving her $100.

In the IG video, a woman alleged she found Nelly’s duffle bag with $300k in it.

She returned it to him, and he gave her $100.

The video is narrated by a male, but when he gets to the part of the story about the $100 the woman dramatically confirms that Nelly only gave her $100.

The comments went crazy with people shaming Nelly and others saying they wouldn’t have returned the money.

And then, Nelly popped up in the comments and said it was all a lie and he didn’t lose a duffle bag with $300k in it.

View the IG video and Nelly’s comments below courtesy of theneighborhoodtalk:

A lie don’t care who tell it.