Ashanti- Nelly - G.I. Moe Halloween Birthday Bash in Atlanta
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Nelly, the renowned rapper, celebrates his birthday every year on November 2. This year, however, his girlfriend, the talented singer Ashanti, kicked off the celebration a bit early with a special surprise – by fulfilling Nelly’s childhood dream of owning a classic car.

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On Tuesday night, Nelly threw a “G.I. Moe” themed Halloween party in Atlanta to kick off his birthday celebration.

During this spirited celebration, Ashanti planned a heartwarming surprise for her beloved Nelly.

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 The moment was captured in several videos circulating online, where Nelly can be seen becoming overwhelmed with emotion as he laid eyes on his royal blue ’64 Chevy Impala – a cherished dream come true.

Cornell Haynes Jr., known by his stage name Nelly, openly expressed that, besides his children, the classic car was the most extraordinary gift he had ever received.

He couldn’t believe his eyes and expressed his disbelief by looking at Ashanti and asking, “What did you do?!”

Ashanti, brimming with affection, gave Nelly a few hugs and kisses before encouraging him to take a seat in his dream car.

She then playfully instructed the DJ to spin Nelly’s hit track, “Ride Wit Me,” setting the perfect mood for the birthday celebration.

Since rekindling their romance, Ashanti and Nelly have rapidly become a beloved celebrity couple, endearing themselves to fans and the media alike.

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Maybe the second time is the charm!

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Watch a recap video of Nelly’s birthday celebration below.

I wish them the very best and Happiest Birthday, Nelly!

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