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Nelly & Ashanti Are Taking It ‘Nice & Slow’ (Video)

Nelly & Ashanti Are Taking It 'Nice & Slow'

Nelly recently took to his Instagram Story and provided an update of sorts on his relationship with Ashanti, courtesy of Usher’s song “Nice & Slow.”

In the video, Nelly and Ashanti are head to head, singing the lyrics to Usher’s “Nice & Slow.”

Nelly, captioned the video:


Watch Nelly’s IG post below:

According to the rumor mill, Nelly and Ashanti rekindled their romance earlier this year, but they have been on the low on IG, and this is the only recent IG posting of them posting each other.

They both appear to be very happy, which is all that matters and the song lyrics to “Nice & Slow” seemingly fit their situationship perfectly.

Watch the video and listen to the lyrics of Usher’s “Nice & Slow” below:

Shouts out to Usher, who has Vegas on lock right now. He will soon be headed to Paris.

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Source: TMZ

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