Ne-Yo Says He Would Rather Live In 'A Bubble Of Blissful Ignorance' Rather Than Find Out His Partner Has Been Unfaithful

Ne-Yo recently stopped by “The Breakfast Club” and shared that he would rather not know if his wife was cheating on him.

The R&B star is doing press to promote his new album, Self Explanatory, and he definitely knows what to say to grab some headlines.

While chatting with Angela Yee and DJ Envy, Ne-Yo shared that he prefers to live in “a bubble of blissful ignorance.”

I personally, and this is just me, before this makes a damn headline somewhere

I personally, am a person that is not angry at living a blissful bubble of ignorance.

The truth is rarely pretty. In this world…in this life…you have to choose your happy.

So, I choose to believe the truth that makes me happy as opposed to searching for the ugly truth that’s going to mess up my happy.

Like, I even tell my friends, ‘Yo, if you ever find out anything about my wife…don’t bring me that.’

Why would you mess up my happy? Why would you do that?

Watch the video clip below:

Ne-Yo’s unorthodox philosophy has folks chatting.

One commenter wrote:

Uhhh .. no! Only unfaithful people who already cheating/cheated think this way. If you cheating I need to know so we can be on the same page, thank you. ?

Another person commended Ne-Yo for his way of thinking:

I commend him. He different. I couldn’t do that though. Somehow someway, depending on who she cheats with, it’s gonna get back to you! Plus, are they cheating safely too? Yea too many questions I couldn’t do it lol

Ne-Yo’s new album, Self Explanatory, is out now!

He took to Twitter to share these thoughts about the album:

The body knows what to do when it feels it. The soul knows what to do. And with little to no explanation…because the music speaks for itself.



You know me, you know what I do.

I love y’all!?❤️??

See his original post below.

Self Explanatory offers 13 new tracks for your listening pleasure and features collaborations with Jeremih,

Listen below.

What are your thoughts on living in “a bubble of blissful ignorance” versus knowing the ugly truth?

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