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Naomi Osaka has announced she is withdrawing from the French Open after her decision not to speak with media is causing her undue stress and drama.

After winning her first-round French Open match, Naomi followed through on her media boycott prompting the the French Open, US Open, Australian Open and Wimbledon to announce in a joint statement that the 23-year-old was fined $15,000.

They went on to threaten to kick her out of the French Open if she continued to refuse to speak with media.

Naomi Osaka put a condo on her wrist and cashed out!

In a statement released on her Instagram page, she said she never imagined or intended for all of this drama to come out of her protecting her peace (I’m paraphrasing).

Naomi, said she is an introvert, and she has suffered long bouts of depression since the US Open in 2018.

Public speaking gives her “huge waves of anxiety,” according to her statement.

Read the statement in full below.

If it costs you your peace…it’s too expensive.

I applaud Naomi Osaka for doing what’s best for her and her mental health.

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