Karen Huger via Instagram

Karen Huger, star of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Potomac,” was charged with DUI and other traffic violations after crashing her 2017 Maserati on Tuesday night. 

According to police, Karen was driving aggressively and struck a median and crosswalk sign at an intersection before colliding with a parking sign off the roadway. 

The Maserati was badly damaged and inoperable. 

Thankfully, Karen Huger and no one else was injured.

In a statement to TMZ, Karen said she went to dinner with a friend and after an emotional conversation, she left bawling her eyes out. 

While driving home, Karen Huger says she swerved to avoid a car that was coming directly at her.

In addition to the DUI charge, Karen received five more citations including negligent and reckless driving, driving over the speed limit, and driving with a suspended registration.

The other citations do not require a court appearance, but the fines range from $50 to $510.

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