Amazon Prime Video Releases ‘Black Box’ Trailer

A black box is a full-proof device or hard drive used to record the most important series of events leading up to a tragic incident.

Amazon Studios has released their Blumhouse horror-mystery, Black Box, written by Wade Allain-Marcus and Stephen Herman, and directed by Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour.

The film tells the story of Nolan (Mamoudou Athie) who is struggling in his role as a single father six months after losing his wife and his memory in a terrible car accident.

After growing frustrated with the challenges of being a single father while dealing with his memory loss, nightmares, and erratic behaviors, Nolan reluctantly takes the recommendation of a friend and visits Dr. Lillian Brooks.

Black Box - Amazon Studios

Lillian (Phylicia Rashad) is the department head at a medical college, who’s a leader in experimental treatments for neurological dysfunction.

They begin experimental treatments of exploring Nolan’s black box (his brain) and it opens up pandora’s box causing him to question who he really is.

This film, like The Lie, is also a slow cooker, but the intriguing storyline and cast performances will keep you glued to the screen and fully engaged.

Black Box - Amazon Studios

Amanda Christine, who stars as Nolan’s daughter, Ava, is the true gem of this film.

From the moment she appears on screen, this little princess delivers nothing short of an Oscar-winning performance…in EVERY scene.

Mamoudou’s performance as Nolan will take you through a range of emotions from sympathy and empathy to disdain.

Last, but certainly not least, Phylicia Rashad was perfection as she reminded us all what it looks like when neurological dysfunction meets desperation.

Black Box is another great film from Blumhouse that will leave your mind completely blown as the credits roll.

Watch the trailer below:

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All images courtesy of Amazon Studios