A lie don’t care who tell it and depending on the severity of The Lie it can literally destroy lives.

Amazon Studios’ crime-drama, The Lie, written and directed by Veena Sud, is the ultimate cautionary tale of why telling lies is never a good idea and how trying to cover up a lie is even worse.

The moment I saw Veena was at the helm of this film I knew I needed to prepare to have my mind completely blown and she delivered as expected.

The film tells the harrowing story of a father (Peter Sarsgaard) who is taking his daughter (Joey King) to dance camp when they spot her best friend on the side of the road.

They offer the friend a ride, but something goes terribly wrong when they pull over for an unexpected potty break.

The daughter lies about what happened sending the family into a downward spiral of even more lies and terrible consequences.

The Lie is what I would call a crockpot film. It’s a slow cooker, but when the meal is done – it is absolutely delicious.

My anxiety was on 10 the entire film as I wondered how far I would go as a parent to protect my child who had made a grave mistake.

Mireille Enos, who I have loved since she was Sarah Linden in “The Killing,” delivers a compelling performance as a mother who is pushed beyond her personal moral code for the sake of her daughter.

The film is definitely a must-watch and nothing will prepare you for the big reveal.

Watch the trailer below:

The Lie is now streaming on Prime Video. Watch now.