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Monica is in love under new management and she wants y’all to stop asking her about C-Murder

The R&B star, whose real name is Monica Denise Brown, is currently dating Anthony Wilson, who is Chris Brown’s manager. 

The couple attended Nelly’s 9th Annual Black & White Ball over the weekend in St. Louis.

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Monica and Anthony posed for photos on the red carpet with Nelly and Ashanti – prompting a few folks to ask what happened to C-Murder.

You may recall that Monica rekindled her romance with the rapper, who is serving a life sentence for murder, during the pandemic.

Monica and C-Murder 2022
Monica and C-Murder at Elayn Hunt Correctional Center in 2022 (Instagram)

She devoted much of her time and energy, with the help of Kim Kardashian, fighting for his release. 

While responding to a fan, the “So Gone” singer says she got her heart broken again. 

Monica added that she’s learned her lesson and moved on. 

She would like for us to do the same.

Well, here it is in short! I got my heartbroken (again) and that’s ok! I learned yet another valuable lesson!

I went through it, got over it, now I can laugh about it! Life continues!

I feel great that through it he has representation to one day be free! Let’s move forward!

The “Shoulda Known Better” singer responded to another fan writing:

OMGGGGG I haven’t said his name in 2 yrs can y’all follow my lead like y’all did when I brought him up 😂😂 one band one sound 😂😂😂😂😂

Hopefully, Monica will find the love and happiness that she deserves and it won’t involve collect calls and commissary. 

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