Singer Monica shared a special video on social media of her family opening gifts Christmas morning, with some surprise gifts from her good friend Vanessa Bryant.

Monica said her oldest son Rodney, 15, didn’t ask for anything, but as you will see in the video she blessed him with some amazing gifts.

Monica has two sons, Rodney and Romelo, 12, and one daughter Laiyah, 7, and the joy and appreciation they have for their gifts tells me that their mother did a great job raising them.

Vanessa Bryant had the most popular gifts for the family, the boys’ reactions to their gifts from auntie Vanessa is priceless.

Monica shared the 2020 Christmas video on her Instagram account along with a special note.

My First born @rodneyy actually didn’t have a list or ask for a thing! I see the greatest parts of me in my children & this year decided to give Rock a timeless gift! Thx @icebox ❤️ Take a look at some of our families joys today! Auntie @vanessabryant you have no idea how much joy you brought us all! Momma & I now have twin bags!! Pastor on Baccarat & the kids are happy!! Good FAMILY Good FRIENDS Good HEALTH = BLESSED

Watch the video below:

Shout out to Monica for sharing her family’s Christmas morning with us.

What was your most unexpected Christmas gift this year?

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