When I think of real Love & Hip HopAce Hood and his wife Shelah Marie immediately come to mind.

This Christmas, Shelah Marie presented her husband with a gift so thoughtful and unexpected that Ace became overwhelmed with emotion.

Ace Hood received two plaques from his wife for his two independent releases, Trust The Process, and Trust The Process 2.

Now, that he’s independent, Ace doesn’t receive the plaques provided by the record labels.

Shelah Marie wrote:

When @acehood was last on a major recording label they were excellent about celebrating wins. Ace has so many plaques in the house from that era. Since Ace went independent, he hasn’t received any plaques for his projects. Ace is too damn talented not to have his flowers while he can smell them.

I got plaques made for his first two releases (Trust The Process 1 & 2) since going independent because in this house we don’t wait on the validation we want — we give it ourselves. I love you @acehood.

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I absolutely love it!

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