Mona Scott-Young made headlines over the weekend after of her appearance on TV One’s “UNCENSORED.”

In the episode, the “Love & Hip Hop” pioneer discussed the differences in criticisms of her and her white male and female counterparts in the production world.

Mona says that her counterparts are not scrutinized as harshly as she is about her “Love & Hip Hop” franchise.

We all know that the “Love & Hip Hop” franchise has gotten a bad rap because of the antics of its characters.

Some have called for boycotts, and others praise the few stars that launched careers from it. The show is a guilty pleasure for some, while others openly Stan for it.

Rapper Maino appeared on “Miss Jones Reunion Show” recently and was asked why he decided to join “Love & Hip Hop: New York.”

Maino responded that he joined because it’s just business. He went on to allege that Mona told him she, her husband, and kids do not watch the show.

Obviously, LHHNY is not kid-friendly, so that is understandable. But if it’s true that Mona does not watch her show, the scrutiny she receives might be warranted.

Some might ask how and why would you produce a show that you wouldn’t consume yourself?

What do you guys think? Is it a problem that Mona Scott-Young doesn’t watch the show she created?

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