Sometimes growth comes at a price! Mimi Faust took a $150,000 pay cut on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” because she didn’t have enough drama going on in her life.

The veteran of the VH1 reality series revealed the scoop during a recent Instagram LIVE interview with relationship expert Stacii Jae Johnson saying:

I’ve elevated and grown from the BS that I was in and I’m happy now. 

Nobody wants to see happy on ‘Love & Hip Hop!’ They just don’t! ‘Love & Hip Hop’ is not a happy arena!

They want to see wigs flying and drinks thrown and somebody punch somebody in the face. That’s what they want to see!

And unfortunately, I choose not to participate in that and I’ve had to take a major pay cut because of it and the reason why because I didn’t have enough drama in my life. 

Yeah, $150,000 pay cut I had to take. $150,000! 

Mimi went on to say she doesn’t believe she should continue to be on the show.

Watch the clip below:

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Wow! Do you think it’s time for Mimi Faust to move on from the shenanigans and tomfoolery?