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Nelly and Ludacris were the latest recording artists to celebrate each other and put up their laundry list of hits in a Verzuz battle on Saturday night (May 16).

Like a few other battles, the fellas at a very rough start as Nelly suffered from severe technical issues due to his poor wifi connection. Apparently, they were experiencing very bad weather in St. Louis on Saturday night.

The issue caused multiple delays in the battle, but once things got rocking and rolling it was all good.

Ludacris came to the battle totally prepared with his arsenal of hits, while Nelly made a lot of poor selections aside of his undeniable hits.

Unfortunately, the battle was a landslide in Ludacris’ favor. However, Nelly is still a king who deserves his flowers.

I’ve compiled the songs played in tonight’s battle for your listening pleasure.

Note: The Shawty Lo “Dey Know” remix is not included as it is not available on the streaming services.

Nelly Verzuz Ludacris Playlist

[Link To Playlist]

[Link To Playlist]

Who do you think won tonight’s battle?

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