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Mike Tyson Calls Out ‘Fall Brawl’ For Falsely Using His Name

Mike Tyson calls out Fall Brawl

Mike Tyson recently took to his Instagram account to let the world know that his name was used without his consent to promote an event called “Fall Brawl” in Palmyra, Pennsylvania.

Tyson captioned the post:

I am not attending “Fall Brawl” in Palmrya, PA and have never discussed such attendance with anyone responsible for this event; all representations about my attendance are false.

My legal team is looking into this matter.

See the original IG post below:

Scoop some comments below:

Mike Tyson comment 1.
Mike Tyson comment 2.
Tyson comment 3.

You have to be pretty brave to mess with Mike Tyson, especially after seeing him put in work on that dude on the JetBlue flight back in April.

Watch the video below:

Your thoughts?

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