Shanquella Robinson

Mexican authorities have issued an arrest warrant in the death of Shanquella Robinson.

The 25-year-old North Carolina entrepreneur traveled to Cabo, Mexico with “friends” for a birthday celebration last month and was dead within 24 hours of her arrival.

A police report revealed a doctor was with Shanquella three hours before her death and detailed the measures taken in an effort to save her life.

After her passing, Shanquella Robinson’s traveling companions called her mother and told her that Shanquella died of alcohol poisoning.

However, the official autopsy report lists her cause of death as “severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation.” 

A video later surfaced online which allegedly shows a woman brutally beating Shanquella, who is nude, in the villa.

A man, who is filming, is heard saying to Shanquella, “Can you at least fight back?!” 

She responds, “No,” as she is taking punches and kicks to the head and is being thrown to the floor.

According to the Diario El Independiente and NBCS Noticias, a Mexican prosecutor says the warrant was issued for Robinson’s friend, who was identified as the direct aggressor in events that occurred on October 29.

The name of the “friend” on the arrest warrant has not been released, but Twitter has already done the leg work and identified everyone who went on the trip to Cabo with Shanquella, as well as the woman in the viral video who is attacking her.

Shanquella’s mother, Salamondra Robinson, expressed her gratitude to Black media outlets and Black social media users for spreading the word about her daughter’s case and rallying behind the family to get justice.

Salamondra told NBC News, “It feels really good to see the help coming in. I never thought she wouldn’t get justice because we were going to try to go all the way. But I appreciate everything that everybody’s done, however you’ve played a part in it.”

But, there is also the issue of misinformation…

A GoFundMe was launched to support Shanquella’s family financially as they fight to get answers about her tragic death. 

NBA star Kyrie Irving donated $65,000, former T-Mobile CEO John Legere donated $40,000, and former NBA baller Kemba Walker donated $20,000.

The campaign has raised over $365,000 thus far. 

Justice for Shanquella Robinson.

Source: NBC News & WBTV

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