Megan Thee Stallion had a career-defining night last night taking home 3 Grammys, so when the media asked her if the Grammys was rigged she responded with an emphatic “Hell No!”

Turns out that was the lead in question to ask about The Weeknd boycotting the Grammys because he believes they have “secret committees.”

Megan kept it cool by saying we love The Weeknd and we stand with him, but I don’t think she realized she was contradicting herself at that moment.

Watch the video below:

What do you expect from a woman that just won three Grammys on her first official album release?

Megan was very engaging and honest with the media and her fans in the video, and I believe she wanted to show The Weeknd support despite how contradictory it may have sounded.

Perhaps as she builds her body of work over time her perspective on the Grammys may change, but she is clearly ecstatic about being a 3-time Grammy winner.

Congratulations Megan Thee Stallion!

Source: TMZ

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