A maskless man in Lakewood, Washington, incited a church brawl after he rushed the priest.

The incident took place Sunday (October 24) inside the church.

In the video, the Priest calls the man out as a trespasser and tells him he needs to leave immediately.

The priest also requests help from the security guards.

Instead of following the priest’s orders, the guy walks up to the podium and says, “I’m not a trespasser of this church,” and he tells the disciples he sees approaching him to keep their hands off of him.

As the guy continues to approach the priest claiming that he is not a trespasser, the disciples surround him and show him that they bout that action.

Watch the video below:


According to Father Paul Brunet, the man was identified as a problem last month when he threatened the safety of church staff and other parishioners.

Father Brunet claims he met with the man to try to come to a resolution, but the meeting was unsuccessful and the guy was banned from the property.

What you see playing out in the video is the guy returning to the church after being banned.

Reportedly, the church is working with the police and a security company to ensure the safety of its members.

Source: TMZ