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Mase took to the streets of Instagram on Friday and called Kanye West out for his hypocrisy.

In case you missed, Kanye has taken to the streets of Twitter to expose corrupt record labels and their practices of ripping off artists and producers.

You know? The same thing A Tribe Called Quest told us about Industry Rule #4080 – Record company people are shady.

While Mase agrees that the music industry is corrupt, he still had a bone to pick with Kanye West, who mocked him when he walked away from the industry and questioned his faith in God.

In “Devil In A New Dress,” Kanye rapped:

Don’t leave while you’re hot that’s how Mase screwed up
Throwing sh*t around, the whole place screwed up
Maybe I should call Mase so he could pray for us

In a post on his Instagram page, Mase told Kanye he owes him and his family an apology!

#kanyewest much of what you
are feeling has been expressed before. But when I was saying it, the same system and mindset that you are fighting against today, used you to shame me for leaving the very same system!

#Remember, your famous line “Don’t leave when you hot”?

I know today you may see it very differently so… You owe me (and my family) a public #apology and then some, if anyone owes you one. For alluding to the fact that me following God at the height of my career was a bad decision.

See Mase’s original post below:

It’s funny how many people don’t care about issues until it directly impacts them.

But, that’s a convo for another day.