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Kanye West tweeted the phone number of Randall Forbes, a top magazine editor at Forbes, and Kanye encouraged his fans to “call a white supremacist”.

The tweet was up for 30 minutes and received over 17,000 retweets before it was removed.

The act is a violation of Twitter policy known as “doxxing”.

Doxxing – the act of publishing someone else’s private information without permission.

Kanye’s tweet makes him the second presidential candidate to have a social media post taken down due to a violation.

I’m sure you know who the first was… His name rhymes with Dump.

According to Twitter’s private information policy, users who violate this rule the first time are required to remove the offensive tweet, and will be “temporarily” unable to tweet from their account. A second violation will result in permanent suspension.

Randell Forbes has been identified as Forbes magazine’s chief content officer.

The tweet was removed before 2:00 pm today, and Randell Forbes did not respond to request for comments.

It is unknown what prompted Kanye to doxx Randell Forbes, but Kanye had a case of the twitter fingers today.

It has been reported that he also shared photos of pages from his recording contract and a video of someone urinating on a Grammy music award.

Please keep Kanye West in prayer.

Source: Business Insider

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