Martin Lawrence (Courtesy of VLF Media and Promotions)

Martin Lawrence is setting the record straight regarding his health. 

While doing press for his blockbuster film, Bad Boys: Ride Or Die, co-starring Will Smith, the legendary comedian and actor said he did not have a stroke.

There’s a rumor out there that I had a stroke.

That’s totally not true.

So, I just wanna clear that up.

But, I thank everybody for the concern and the love, and just thank you.

But, Marty’s all good. 

Watch the clip below. 

In 1999, Martin Lawrence had a health scare when he collapsed from severe heat exhaustion and was put into a coma for three days.

That’s when I recall the stroke rumors started. 

The good news is Martin says he’s fine and Bad Boys: Ride Or Die is the number one movie in the world.

A win is a win!

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