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Chozus has tested positive for COVID-19.

The 24-year-old rapper and social media personality, who is currently starring on “Marriage Boot Camp” with his girlfriend, Bianca Bonnie, took to social media on Sunday to reveal he tested positive for Coronavirus two days after going to physical therapy.

In his lengthy post, Chozus says he actually fell ill the very same day he went to therapy and began running a high fever.

Two days later, he went to a drive-thru testing site and the results (which he also posted) came back confirming he had the virus.

Read his full post below:

Wassup y’all so this pic is from me last Monday when I went in for physical therapy on my knee. I wore a mask the entire time. This was the first time I left the house for a week and the only time.

Later this day I developed flu like symptoms and got almost 104 degree fever. It was impossible to sleep for longer than 3 mins and I felt body aches like never before. After two days of feeling like this I went to a drive-thru testing sight for COVID-19.

A day after getting tested I felt almost back at 100% with just minor headaches. I got my results back today and they were positive for COVID-19. I’m already feeling much better so I wanted to reach whoever I can and tell y’all yes this is a real virus spreading and it can take one time to leave your home and you can impact the rest of your family.

Luckily I’m young and healthy so I was able to bounce back somewhat fast. This virus is really attacking our elders with weaker immune systems. If anyone is feelings symptoms like I’ve listed what worked best for me is steamed showers for 15 mins, drinking about 2-3 gallons of water a day, a lot of orange juice, and vitamin-c pills.

Stay Safe. God Bless ???

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Chozus and Bianca Bonnie are expecting their first child together.

The raptress and former “Love & Hip Hop” cast member is 7-months pregnant with a baby boy.

Bianca and Chozus have some real big concerns to make regarding the birth of their child and his recent COVID-19 diagnosis.

She has been posting things like this on social media:


Sending up prayers for them as they prepare to welcome a child in such uncertain times.