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Marlon Wayans, who stars in the Aretha Franklin biopic, RESPECT, recently shared why he never got married. 

During a recent interview with Essence, the 47-year-old comedian and actor revealed he never got married because he always wanted his mother, who passed away last year, to be his number one girl. 

I never got married because I knew my mom needed me. I always wanted to be available. 

Women sometimes want to battle for your attention. They want to battle for your love. They want to be ‘the one.’ 

Man, my momma here. She’s the one!

Watch the clip below. 

You may recall, Marlon Wayans was with Angelica Zackary, the mother of his children, for so long that people assumed they were married and divorced.

What are your thoughts on Marlon’s reasoning for avoiding holy matrimony?