Marlon Wayans Says Chris Rock Made Him Quit Comedy For 20 Years

Marlon Wayans recently revealed on “Sway In The Morning” that he quit comedy for 20 years after Chris Rock heckled him.

Sway asked Marlon if he ever had a dip as a comic where he felt like he wasn’t as good as he should be.

Marlon responded that it wasn’t a dip, but it took time for him because he started comedy late, and then he shared Chris Rock heckling him caused him to quit comedy for 20 years.

It wasn’t a dip it was it took time.

I started late, you know what I mean… when I first started, I started at, like, 16, then I stopped.

Then I did it again at 18, then did it, like, three or four times, then I stopped.

Then I did it again at 19, and I did it maybe 50 times, and then Chris Rock heckled me, and I quit for 20 years.

Then I got back on stage, about when I was like 39, and after that, I just kept going at it.

And at first, you’re not as funny as you want to be, but now I’m in a zone…

Watch the clip from “Sway In The Morning” below:

During a “Breakfast Club” interview Marlon revealed what Chris Rock said to him:

Comedy is embedded in the Wayans family’s DNA.

Marlon Wayans and his siblings, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Shawn Wayans, Damon Wayans, and Kim Wayans have given us comedy gold over the years.

Not to mention, many of his nieces and nephews are also in comedy and entertainment as comedy writers.

Has anyone ever said or done something that deterred you from your dreams?

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