Marlon Wayans had the hosts of GMA in stitches talking about his experience playing the role of Aretha Franklin’s husband in the new movie Respect.

Jennifer Hudson, who stars in the film as Aretha Franklin, was on GMA a day prior to Marlon.

When she was on the show, Jennifer told the hosts that it was a tie between Marlon Wayans and Jamie Foxx as her favorite co-star.

When this information was passed along to Marlon, he said, “She was being politically correct… I am her favorite co-star period!”

He then talks about how incredible Jennifer Hudson’s work-ethic was while filming the movie, and how she sung everything live.

The woman is a machine!… And, I was just watching her and I was just marveled by the hard work that she was doing.

So I just made sure as her co-star… like, if she needed anything from Marlon to Jennifer that I would be there for her.

I want people to see this movie just to see her performance, it’s literally a work of genius. I’ve never witnessed something like that.

He also told a funny story about Forest Whitaker, who plays Aretha’s father, pulling out a gun on set to evoke fear while they were filming a scene.

Marlon spoke briefly about his comedy special, “You Know What It Is” which premieres on HBO Max on August 19.

Watch the GMA video below:

Marlon did a great job promoting the movie during his interview.

Did he convince you to check out Respect when it hits theaters on Friday (August 13)?