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Mark Walton, former running back for the Miami Dolphins, got arrested after he decided he was going to go to his local Pizza Hut on January 31 to get some straightening.

Walton said he was “disrespected over the phone by one of the employees.”

Once Walton got to the location he became more agitated because he found out his order was canceled.

A witness said he “started banging on the windows trying to pull on the door to gain entry to the business to confront one of the employees.”

Walton’s cousin tried to calm him down and get him to leave, but according to reports Walton refused and attacked his cousin.

Once the police arrived they called the paramedics to treat Walton’s cousin’s injuries, despite him refusing to explain how he got the injuries.

Walton was arrested and charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct.

Mark Walton has had numerous run-ins with law enforcement throughout his NFL career, and he was waived by the Cincinnati Bengals (April 6, 2019) and the Miami Dolphins (November 19, 2019) because of his erratic behavior.

He sat out the 2020 season and he is currently a free agent.

Have you ever followed up on the urge to confront someone that disrespected you on the phone or on social media?

Source: TMZ