Charles Barkley Addresses Why He Hasn’t Spoken To His ‘Best Friend’ Michael Jordan In 10 Years

Charles Barkley recently addressed why he and his “best friend” Michael Jordan haven’t spoken in 10 years on the “Taylor Rooks” podcast.

Charles said that MJ got offended by a statement he made on air when he felt like he was simply doing his job as a sports analyst by being unbiased.

Taylor asked Charles what he would say to MJ right now if given the opportunity, and Chuck responded:

It’s a really unfortunate situation for me and him.

But, you know Taylor, I’m gon do my job first and foremost.

Cause I can’t criticize other coaches and general managers and give him a pass because he’s my best friend.

I just can’t do that!

And, what I said was, I wasn’t sure… I said, ‘Michael got to surround himself with better people.’

And I said, ‘I worry about him being successful.’

Because when your a star, especially, because he’s the biggest star I’ve ever been around…

Everybody around you is going to tell you what you want to hear, and I didn’t think he had a good enough supporting cast around him, in the front office, to be successful.

And, I said that, and had no problem saying it because it was the truth.

And he took offense, and he called me, and it wasn’t a pleasant conversation.

And we haven’t spoken since then.

Chuck said he honestly thought the issue would’ve blown over by now, but they are both stubborn people.

Taylor asked Chuck what he would say to mend the relationship, and he responded:

I probably would say, ‘Hey you know, what I said I believed.

I’m sorry you took offense to it. 

And let’s get past this bullsh*t and go back to playing golf and having fun.’

Chuck revealed that they have probably been in the same room five times in 10 years and they walked past each other.

Taylor encouraged Chuck to be the bigger person next time he and MJ are in the same room and mend the relationship.

Watch the clip of Charles Barkley on the “Taylor Rooks” podcast below:

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