Georgia Man Who Calls Police For Cold McDonald's Fries Arrested

A Georgia man who called the police over cold McDonald’s fries ended up getting tased and arrested for murder.

The incident took place in a McDonald’s parking lot in Kennesaw, Georgia.

In the body cam video, the unidentified man is seen calmly talking to the police about being banned from the restaurant.

It is unclear why the man was banned from the Kennesaw McDonald’s, but he spoke to the officers calmly, and he even engaged in some banter about the weather being hot and the officers having shades to protect them.

When one of the officers returned from having the owner of the McDonald’s sign the banishment paperwork, he told the man to come to sign the paperwork and things went from 0-100 real quick!

The man repeatedly asked if he was going to be arrested, and the officers told him no.

They told him he needs to sign the document saying he would not come back to the property.

He asked to see the document, and the officer told him he could come closer to sign it.

The man then told officers, while backing up with the document in his hand, that he doesn’t want to come close to them because he just did 3 years in jail, and he is afraid of them.

He continued to back up from the officers, letting them know that he knows how to fill the document out.

The officers asked, “Why are you acting like that,” as they approached him telling the man they were going to walk him through filling out the document.

He then asked again am I under arrest.

The officers responded, “Yes,” and gave chase. 

He ran into an apartment complex parking lot, where he is tased to the ground by the officers.

According to the police, the man was wanted for murder.

Watch the Atlanta 11 Alive news report and the body cam video below:

Watch the full body cam video below (click the Watch on YouTube link):

How are you a whole murderer, but you have the audacity to call the police to complain about cold McDonald’s fries?!

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