Madonna is accusing Tory Lanez of “illegal usage” of her song “Into The Groove” on his new album, Alone At Prom.

Madonna slid into his Instagram comments to blow up his spot.

She wrote:

Read your messages [for] illegal usage of my song get into the groove!

See the comment below.

Tory’s song is called “Pluto’s Last Comet” and the intro does sound like a rip of Madonna’s song.

You be the judge, listen to both songs below:

Madonna’s fans also showed up in Tory’s comments in defense of their girl.

Tory Lanez has admitted to stealing bars from the rapper Cassidy in the past, so he does have a track record of this sort of thing.

Madonna has been getting spicy in the streets of Instagram.

You may recall, it wasn’t that long ago that she delivered a delayed “clapped back” at 50 Cent after he clowned her bubble cakes on Instagram.

Here’s the footage in case you missed it.

I wonder how spicy Madonna got in Tory’s DMs.

Source: TMZ