Ari Fletcher is trending in the streets of Twitter for all of the wrong reasons.

In case you’re unfamiliar with her, Ari (also known as Ari The Don) is an entrepreneur and mother of G Herbo’s eldest son, Yoshon.

She is trending after her recent interview on the “Don’t Call Me White Girl” podcast. 

While talking about her ‘non-toxic’ relationship with rapper Moneybagg Yo, Ari shared that there was a time in her past relationships where she would lash out, breaks things, and pretend to leave in hopes that her man would pull out his gun and make her stay.

I’m calling my mama, throwing sh*t, breaking sh*t, fighting, and being like…’Now, you gotta stop me from leaving.’

But, I was never going nowhere. 

Like pull your gun out and show me like, ‘B**ch, leave. I wish you would walk out the door!’

Watch the clip below courtesy of The Jasmine Brand!

When she received backlash from folks (especially victims of domestic violence), Ari Fletcher took to Instagram Live and said “nobody cares about what happened to you.” 

She added, “Ya’ll wanna be a victim so bad. We do not care!

Watch the clip below.

Ari took to social media with this response to the backlash.

Y’all are so pu**y. Y’all have no sense of humor at all. Nobody cares what you like, b**ch this the fu**ing Ari show. I talk, you listen, you talk sh*t, I get paid…

I got so much power over the internet that it’s scary!!!

“lAdiEs dO u wAnT ur MaN tO pUll a gUn oN u” like b**ch stfu.

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